Engraving, printing

Laser engraving, tamponprinting, UV LED printing

We undertake great series too with our own machine park, with short termins and quality warranty!

We can offer you the best way of take logo on your products, in known of the material.

In case of questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Tampon printing

Size of tamponprinting, pulled area: maximum 100 x 70 mm.

Engraving, laser cutting

We suggest engraving in case of the next materials: wood, metal, plastic, glass, gold, leather, acryl, gum, mirror.

This process gives strength and stylishness for the personalised topic.

Fiber engraving machine table size: 200 x 200 mm

We also undertake cambered surfaces (bell, pen, roundel, etc.)

In case of laser cutting we can take on acryl, wood, textil, gum, carton, paper, leather, mirror

Table size of the laser cutting machine: 1400 x 900 mm.

UV LED printing, embossed printing

We suggest you UV LED printing in case of big and flat printing surfaces.

Warm and surprassing colours, fine contours, long lasting emblems!


Answers for the FAQ

Which service shell I choose?

Color + convex = tamponprinting

In material colored, one color + convex OR flat= engraving

Coloured + flat/ straight = UV LED printing

How many pieces is it worth to take a logo on??

If your cusromer needs, so any number of, but the more pieces you will order, then better price can we give for it.

For engraving and UV LED printing we are awaiting kindly the less quantities too (few 10 pieces).

How table sizes can you work for?

Tamponprinting size of the pulled area: maximum 100 x 70 mm.

Fiber engraving machine table size 200 x 200 mm.

UV LED printes table size 600 x 1380 mm, material thickness maximum 180 mm.

Lasercutting machine, table surface: 1400 x 870 mm, material thickness depends on the material we have work on.

I'm bushed of the material, can you help me?

We don't realize raw material, but we can help you in case of questions which material is suitable for the result you have to reach.

We take care of your raw material, and send the don't used rest back.

How fast are you ready with the work?

It depends on the quantity of the printed/ engraved subjects, from the type of the service which you have chossen, and from the expectants work.

We give you the deadlines precisely in the quotations, and hold them. 

Mik a leggyakoribb munkáitok?

Reklámtárgyak: toll, kulacs, flakon, pen-drive, naplók, noteszek, mappák;

Díjak, érmek, kitüntetések;

Szépségiparban jellemző edények: tégelyek, üvegcsék, dobozok;

Ipari jelölést szolgáló termékek: adattáblák, gravír alapanyagok.

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