PEDOT film

"Environmental, innovative, executive." 

Quickly switch ON/OFF




99% UV LED, 90% INFRARED RADIATION projection

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Projectable screen

It can projected in ON and OFF mode too.

Writeable surface

Useable as a whiteboard

Response time

40 millesecond's

High quality

Ultrathin film

PEDOT foil is only 0,42 mm thick.

In 2 brightnesses

1 roll= 1200 or 1500 mm bright, 50 meter long.

Light transmission

75% ON mode

25% OFF mode


60-230 V


50/60 HZ

Operating temperature

between -20°C and 80°C

How does it works?

Switch on = transparent

Switch off = opaque or black

For projcetiing you haven't use any electricity, but it is projectable in switch on/ transparent mode too.

How to tool up?

You can use it on glass and acrylglass surfaces.

PEDOT foil can tolled up for allready windows and glassdoors, or even on not inbuilted glass/ acrylglass.

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