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DBR pricestrip white/ transparent, 1000 mm length

Extra strong!

Do you have labeling to solve in a shop, store or warehouse? 

With the DBR self-adhesive price strips, you can freely place the price tag with the QR code or the price and name on the edges of the shelf under or above the products. 

Just stick the price strip on the shelf and insert the labels. 

The price strips sticks firmly to the shelf even during frequent label changes, its edge makes it easier to open, for easier label insertion. 

Length: 1000 mm 

Back: transparent or white  

Self adhesive tape:

- in the case of water-clear price strips, with 12 mm thick water-clear tape

- in the case of a white price strips, with 9 mm thick white foam tape

Based on the use of the area of ​​use, we recommend the foamed white glue for marking refrigerated goods, refrigerators, freezers, and crumbly areas!

The DBR pricestrips are made of durable, flexible plastic, with a water-clear dust-repelling front panel, a lower rim that helps to fold back and a dust-repelling upper rim. 

8 sizes of label height: 26, 30, 32, 35, 39, 52, 60, 73 mm, please specify based on the size of the shelf. Individual colors, individual sizes and lengths and large quantities can be ordered! 

The shelf-edge pricstrip is suitable for cutting to size, for shop pricing, displays, product shelves, even from a length of 50 mm! 

Request a quote for custom sizes or RAL color backs: info@pedot.org 

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Starting at 975 Ft
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