Petit Promostand, with bag

Outstanding counter for exhibition products and sample distribution.

Made up white plastic material.

Front panel and top header offer space for poster printing.

Portable and easy to fix, with transportation bag 

Panel size: 1596 X 900 mm

Copy size: 1584 X 824 mm

Weight with packing: 12,740 kg

Packing size: 450 X 1000 X 170 mm

3 years warranty 

Height: 2150 mm

2,5 mm PP solid front panel

Maximum círriage capacity: 10 kg of the shelf, 20 kg of the counter desk.

Without printing! You can order it with printing,:

Nettó ár: 53.813,- Ft/ db

Bruttó ár:

58,405 Ft
price incl. VAT excl. VAT 45,988 Ft

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