Poster Showboard, in 9 sizes

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Do you need to display public information, mandatory regulations or rules outside, at an entrance, on a wall or in a stairwell?

The outdoor poster holder display case, which can be installed in both portrait and landscape format, offers a durable and aesthetic solution for posters, with a safety support, in accordance with TÜV standards and regulations.

Showcase with guaranteed weatherproof, waterproof and vapor evasion functions, can be used both: outdoors and indoors

It is delivered with a door that can be opened at 90 degrees, with lock and 1 or 2 keys depending on the size (1 key: A4, A3, B2, 20″ x 30″, 2 keys: A1, A0, B1, 30″ x 40″). 

Profile width:

- 45 mm profile depth (toward the wall)

- 30 mm G-PET equipped with a strong and impact-resistant window, 

- anodized aluminum profiles

- white propopylene backing

We deliver this product with:

- 4 posters clips,

- lock,

- keys,

- holes, dowels and screws, they can be assembled and used immediately!

 Available sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 B1, B2, 

Net prices: 

Net price of display case A0: HUF 65,461 

Net price of showcase A1: HUF 43,323 

Net price of display case A2: HUF 30,091 

Net price of A3 showcase: HUF 24,000 

Net price of A4 showcase: HUF 18,748 

Net price of display case B1: HUF 53,693 

Net price of display case B2: HUF 33,425 

The showcases are also available in American poster size, with pre-order: 

20″ x 30″ = 508 x 762 mm 

30″ x 40″ = 762 x 1016mm 

40" x 60" = 1016 x 1524mm 

Delivered without print! 

Gross price:

Choose a variant:

Starting at 23,810 Ft
price incl. VAT

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